Docker CLI and Dockerfile Cheat Sheet


How Emerging Technologies Are Impacting Industries – Chuck Brooks

Netflix load times….

The Profitability Challenge for Challenger Banks

The challenge to scale and become a global financial services company.

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Raspberry PI powered Minecraft jack-o’-lantern

For Halloween this year you may print a large Minecraft jack-o’-lantern after running across this model.

This jack-o’-lantern plays Minecraft music and causes a big RGB LED cube to flicker; when a proximity sensor is tripped, it plays a random spooky noise and flashes the LED red.

Here is the complete write-up, with schematics and such.

Data for every decision

Using the right kind of data for every decision: the perspective of data science community.

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The five dimensions to deliver an elevated omnichannel experience

Interesting chart by McKinsey & Company regarding the omnichannel experience.

Top 100 A.I. companies

Tally meets Decathlon US