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Extract all SSL certificate’s chain from an URL

This command allows you to extract all SSL certificate’s chain from an URL. In order to use it, replace <server_url> with the server address you want to process:

openssl s_client -showcerts -verify 5 -connect <server_URL>:443 < /dev/null | awk '/BEGIN/,/END/{ if(/BEGIN/){a++}; out="cert"a".pem"; print >out}' for cert in *.pem; do newname=$(openssl x509 -noout -subject -in $cert | sed -n 's/^.*CN=\(.*\)$/\1/; s/[ ,.*]/_/g; s/__/_/g; s/^_//g;p').pem; mv $cert $newname; done

The command will create 3 separates files, each one named with the Common Name of the corresponding certificate.

Add DNS options to each ethernet interface

How to add DNS options to each connected ethernet interface via bash:

for device in $( nmcli device | awk '($2=="ethernet" && $3=="connected") {print $1}'); do
printf "1) %s" "$device interface BEFORE value"
nmcli con show $device | grep ipv4.dns-options:
nmcli con mod $device +ipv4.dns-option rotate,timeout:3
printf "2) %s" "$device interface AFTER value"
nmcli con show $device | grep ipv4.dns-options:
printf "3) restarted NetworkManager\n"
systemctl restart NetworkManager
sleep 1
printf "4) show update /etc/resolv.conf\n\n"
cat /etc/resolv.conf


FortiClient SSL VPN: failure stages

FortiClient SSL VPN failure stages and what they mean. If FortiClient fails as the following stages, the likely cause is as follows:

  • 10% – Local Network/PC issue
  • 40% – Application or the Fortigate causing the error, occasionally caused by the local machines/network setup
  • 45% – MultiFactor Authentication
  • 80% – Username/Password issue
  • 98% – corruption of services/often resolved by reinstalling the client on the laptop.

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