Robots in Fashion Retail – Examples of real applications with Pepper


Recently it seems that there are more and more common use-cases of robotics in fashion retail today, and shed a light on some of the future trends of these applications on retail at large.

Most common applications does cover the following intents:

  • Drawing Customer Attention
  • Sales Assistant
  • In-Store Customer Service
  • In-Store Orientation
  • Retrieving products from customers (eg: when connected to a 4th generation V-Machine)

Following you some real life picture and video of provided customer experience:

1177 @ Arteni, Udine, Italy – Made with love by Softec S.p.a (IT:YSFT)

Pepper Uniqlo
Uniqlo, Paris, France

1177 @ White Show, Milan, Italy – Made with love by Softec S.p.a (IT:YSFT)

I do believe this is only the beginning of future trend in the retail 4.0.

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