Varnish 4: a simple script

I have created a very simple script that helps to run Varnish 4.0 on our servers.

Please note that we also created a very simple logfile to check HIT/MISS requests.

#! /bin/sh
pkill varnishd
echo 'Killed Varnishd daemon'
pkill varnishncsa
echo 'Killed Varnishcsa log daemon'

ulimit -n 10240
ulimit -l 16384

/usr/local/sbin/varnishd \
	-a : \
	-T localhost:2000 \
        -t 120 \
	-S /opt/varnish/etc/secret \
	-n varnish \
        -p thread_pool_min=30 -p thread_pool_max=500 -p thread_pool_timeout=300 \
	-f /opt/varnish/etc/config/default.vcl \
	-s malloc,1G -l 8m,1m,+

echo 'Started Varnishd daemon'
sleep 10
/usr/local/bin/varnishncsa -F '%U%q %{Varnish:hitmiss}x' -w /opt/varnish/logs/requests.log -n varnish&
echo 'Started Varnishcsa log daemon'

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